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01About Our Toshiba Technical Service

Our Toshiba Technical Service, which was established in Istanbul in 2010, provides maintenance and repair services to your notebooks, all in one, ultrabooks and PCs whose warranty is out of warranty. Our service guarantees the devices that will be delivered to you. You can get spare parts you can not find from us, you can get them by coming to our cargo or branch. We serve home users, professional players, designers and businesses. The sole purpose of Toshiba Technical Online is to offer you the quality service you deserve.

02Technical Solutions We Offer

Generally available services include notebook upgrade, keyboard replacement, motherboard repair, case repair, fan replacement, hinge replacement, lcd screen replacement, cable / socket / port replacement, computer maintenance etc. In the solutions we produce specifically for you, we first analyze your problem and apply the best and suitable solution we found in consultation with you.

0310 years unchanged address!

Various services such as fast service, warranty, ease of payment, free shipping, Toshiba upgrade and VIP service have been going on for 10 years. Our technicians have tried to show the best of their performances with friendly customer relations that develop year by year. Over time, this goal was achieved and competence / expertise increased. In addition, we aim to provide a better service to our customer profile by thinking that we need knowledge and by keeping our technical team up to date. If you want to benefit from our experience, just make an appointment!

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04Coming from you

We have always tried to improve our working principle, which is shaped according to giving you the best service, in line with your opinions. And in this endeavor, we believe that we are successful as we receive the positive feedback from you. We believe in keeping the customer’s motivation value high. The feedback we receive from you also increases our motivation value and a wonderful picture emerges.